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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Full Hands, Full Head

This morning's walk had a very different feel to it. Not so recreational. More serious in tone. After all, I've signed up for a deadly serious walk. And I have 6 months to get ready for it. That sounds like a long time, but I can't let all those calendar pages make a reason for me to go slowly.

I already carry keys, tissues, iPod, BlackBerry, and water. Now some other tools are going along. The Badger bought himself a new Garmin and offered me the Forerunner I've dubbed Old Unfaithful across a few years. It's pretty notorious. Consistently inconsistent. We took out his weight and put in mine. We changed it from cycling to running. I need to familiarize myself with it a bit, but I already understand that its reports will point me in directions I need to go: longer, faster, farther, harder. I've set up the spreadsheets to keep track of my stats. I understand I have to work both my body and my head.

Also courtesy of the Badger came a heart monitor and I understand I'll need to learn about myself in all the Zones - 1,2,3,4 and more . . . I recently read Wheel Dancer's post about "to monitor or not to monitor" - I guess I'm going to monitor. I need to learn more about myself in this way, as I've never explored it before. As the Forerunner already challenges me, I'll start the heart monitor in a few days. It's my hunch that I am somewhat familiar with the zones, but I have called them "just huffing and puffing", "slightly gasping for breath", "I can't believe I can do this" and "dial 9-1-1".

I am wrestling with myself about whether to do the half marathon or the whole enchilada. I believe I know what I'll do. You see, it would be an easy gig for me to do the half. I wouldn't have to work very hard. It's not all that much more than distances I've already been able to do at a pretty good pace, without being in training. But the marathon would be a true accomplishment. A true test of myself. Remarkable for many reasons. Something I never dreamed I could do.

I'm no math whiz, but if it can be managed on the fingers and toes, I can usually land on the sum. I know how long my walks take me now. I know how long it takes to cover how many miles. I began to think in terms of 13 or 26 miles and I realize that I will be on my feet for a long, long time. Everything being equal, and training hard, I'll be faster than I am now. But 26 miles walking still takes awhile.

It flitted through my head that I have people who would come out to support me if I were swimming or playing volleyball. But I don't know how you'd ask someone to come to a marathon and wait. Too long, too far, no way to tell where one will be at any given time. Maybe ask someone to wait at the finish line some 4+ hours into the race. Then it flitted through my head that I will have to provide my own encouragement and kudoes. That will be very new for me.

Very unsettled by the time I got home, I found I'd shaved about 10 minutes off of my usual amount of time in the streets. So I went online and I bought the pink shoes. In all of my life I've only had one pair of shoes that cost more than those pink beauties, but the shoes are ordered. I'll start to wear them in late November.

In my ears right now: Pachelbel - Pachelbel's Greatest Hit. One CD, the same tune rendered by about 20 different artists.

Something that charmed me today: The smoke coming off the Visa card after I paid for the shoes.


  1. Twenty six miles in one walk? That is a piece of rubber on the road! At 4 mph it would take close to 7 hours non stop!

  2. Well, as mentioned, I've done the math. And to borrow your phrase, butterflies in the stomach doesn't begin to describe . . . I've got to find out from TeamPrevention what the guidelines are. Perhaps they don't even open the full marathon to the walkers. Maybe we're restricted to just the half. But stay tuned for further developments and omens!

  3. I checked and it's optional - walkers can do the full or the half marathon. Lots of great online tools including training calendars, other fitness routines we need besides JUST walking, nutrition advice. They recommend we begin training in July for the full marathon or September for the half. I'm ancient. I've started in June.

  4. Thank you kindly ~ it's good to have goals, hopes, dreams and expectations of oneself! Read the next post when it appears - I've got a lot more info on the event.

  5. You know, one has to first use a heart rate monitor before tossing aside a heart rate monitor...if that makes sense. I learned a lot when I used one -- due to that, I still have a good idea of where I'm at when I'm training, but my goals have changed and I've let go of the stats. They were interesting at the time, however.

  6. Thank you! That's exactly how I am approaching it. David has a great saying: "You don't know what you don't know." So I need to know. I have some pretty firm ideas about how I'm performing on certain grades, at a certain pace. But I need to confirm those ideas or have them debunked and learn the truth. Just learning new stuff here.