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Friday, June 19, 2009

Blogging for Bucks!

How good does work life get? I broke down and asked for a partial day off this week - took an amazingly wonderful hike with a friend who shot photos of the most striking scenes . . . but we'll let him tell that tale with his pictures of the day.

Friday, June 19, is my two year anniversary with the company. I've been here considerably longer than anyone except David and he doesn't count - he owns it. We are the founding father and mother. I have already said I have a memory like an elephant and I'm sentimental, as well. So June 19th means something to me. The day I landed where I am supposed to be right now.

I was treated to the sight of David and Troy struggling up the stairs with a brand new gas BBQ grill . . . we're havin' a party in honor of my two years! I'm instructed to book no late jobs, and everyone has been invited to bring spouses, children or whomever might add something to the festivities ~ we're going to have fun! Our deck looks wonderfully inviting. There's even room for dancing. I've got good Sony speakers for the iPod, if only my playlist won't scare them all . . .

Also carefully orchestrated to launch on my two year anniversary: the company blog! I'm going to be paid for blogging! David wants lots of activity on the blog, daily posts (maybe twice daily), engagement with customers, friends, and family. I have 8 million things to write about as I've written the content for four of our five company websites and know whereof I speak/write. I'm a certified carpet technician, so I can talk the talk [we know I can't walk the walk, I'm little, but I'll do all right). Hmmm . . . what shall it be first? Cookie cutter carpet repairs? Appropriate pH levels for cleaning solutions for good quality wool rugs? No, I believe I'll debunk all the urban legends about pet urine in carpet and how to eradicate it. There is a reason the home dudes call me the PhD of Pee.

Help me! I'm blogging and I can't stop. The paychecks aren't written, the bank deposit not made, we have no phones because the bills were not paid . . . oh come on, I'm kidding. A little bit.

In my ears right now: My favorite early morning newscast. Meteorologist Sherry says we're going to become more "seasonable" beginning today. Here we go. I wonder how long until we see 115 or more?

Something that charmed me today: My boots. It's my anniversary. I want to dress differently in honor of the occasion. I have a pretty cute little blue dress. Sometimes I forget I'm a girl, amongst the home dudes. So the blue dress, and my cowgirl boots from Brazil. I haven't had them on my feet for more than a year. Today they're made for walking.


  1. I think the blog will be in very good hands. Sounds like you guys have a wonderful company. All the best Lime.

  2. This is the best place for me to be right now ~ I once (always) was lost, but now I'm found.

    Can't wait to blog a bit later - what the home dudes did for my 2 year anniversary is amazingly touching!