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Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Knew?!?!

I'm like a dog with a bone! I can't stop. Somebody help me, please!

I'm not particularly a fan, but it's still Walk Away Renee. And blessedly short, unless you're a Bon Jovi fan. Oh, is he an 80s pretty boy!

I think this rendition is stupendous! I regret that it's one still photo to look at the entire time. I'd have enjoyed seeing her perform it.

I like this one, too! Saxophone and hot backup singers go with everything. I'm sorry the song kind of fizzles at the end. It's like a really great presentation that has the plug suddenly pulled.

I adore Cyndi Lauper and would listen to her warble anything. This is on French TV. I think these two sound fantastic together and I wish I had Cyndi's little modified dreads and red thrift store outfit.

Clearly I'm not the only person who likes #220 of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (the gospel according to Rolling Stone, circa 2004). Sorry, reader. I'm a bit over-the-top for some things. I'll try to contain my Renee-ness and move on. Actually, I've researched some other music of the era, have found some good footage, and will attempt to focus my music vision elsewhere.

In my ears . . . . Never mind.

Something that charmed me: The fact that so many musicians seem to like the tune. And the YouTube post-ers got "Renee", not "Rene".


  1. Limes - You're right. It is a cool song. All the versions are good, but I still like the Linda & Ann duet the best. That Bon Jovi is prettier than me.

    Cyndi Lauper has a killer version of 'At Last.' Have you heard it? My all-time favorite song from my High School days was Bobby Vee's 'Run To Him.' By chance, do you know it?

    If you don't get off this kick soon, I'll have to refer you to Bob Newhart again.

    The dance concert was a total treat. The girls are becoming very accomplished.

  2. Do we need an intervention here Limes? I haven't heard of a 12 step program for Walk Away Renee but who knows? May be you aren't the only one. (kidding)
    Or perhaps to the wv geogulag.

  3. I've also found that singing "Yellow Submarine" repeatedly drives most any song and most thoughts completely out of my mind.

  4. It's all over now, Tag. It's passed. I am myself again.

  5. goody gumdrops! Its a great song, here covered by many good artists. I think I liked Cyndi and Peter best. wv 'Granny, Uncle Gedslion lyin out in the cement pond.

  6. Pretty funny, Sir. That's the version I am playing right now. I've become quite fickle. I'd now put down as my favorites ~ #1 Cyndi and #2 Vonda Shepard.

    The Badger posted a pretty fine Patty Loveless over at his place, as well.

  7. @ Tag - oops! Forgot to give kudos on the damned fine use of Gedslion. Well done, indeed!

  8. He was known as Jon Anchovy by certain of my rowdier students in East L.A. in the 80s...

  9. That's how I'd classify him, Badge. I'm with Kass on this one. I wasn't as pretty as Jon Anchovy on the best day of my life. If I call him that, am I a rowdy student?