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Thursday, December 10, 2009

In My Ears Right Now ~ Anyway You Like It

I'd like you to join me in Limes' living room/dining room where I'm about to fire up the Bose and share what's been in my ears for a solid month. My coworkers walk through the office door, hear one or the other version of it playing and pained looks cross their faces. I planted the lyrics on my blog's sidebar and I sing it in the shower. I'm not sure why it affects me so. I mean, it's lilting and cute and sweet, but not profound in any way. I guess I just like it and I don't have to have an explanation. Maybe I don't always need to know everything there is to know. And if you'd dance with me, I'd offer you a glass of wine. Yes, I've danced with girlfriends all my life. A dance partner doesn't necessarily need to be male.

Before posting this, I did a little research on The Left Banke and Walk Away Renee. The group used baroque stringed instruments in some of their tunes, giving rise to the term "Bach-rock" for their music. Funny, I see no violin in the film, but I certainly hear it. Their apt use of harmonies got them compared to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Zombies and other British invasion groups. In 2004, Rolling Stone named Walk Away Renee number 220 in the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. So maybe I'm not the only person who feels drawn to this song.

I was 14. Yes, I thought they were adorable with their little moptop haircuts. To my knowledge, they were never heard from again, except for Pretty Ballerina, which I also liked.

This version came out about 18 months later, in 1968. An important year of my life for many reasons. Remember, I wear the 1968 belt buckle. That would be enough said, on its own, but I was also a Motown fan, mostly. I already liked the Four Tops. Their cover of this tune made me like them even more.

This is the version that made me cry quietly in the dark car on the way to camp in the desert. It's still the same simple and sweet little song, but these women sound like an angel choir to me. I could, indeed, live without the treacly floral slideshow, but the music is worth playing. One can avert one's gaze.

With apologies, I have been very Catholic school crabby recently about things like spelling and punctuation. I find myself editing for other adults and I really need to spend time with myself working out "Who died and made you so smart, Limes?" Anyway, the spelling on some of the YouTube titles makes me twitch. And for some reason, it bothers me that not all that many people realize Renee is usually the female and Rene the male. But I'll fill my prescription and pull my claws out of the ceiling tiles.

In my ears right now: You already know, dear reader. "And when I see the sign that points One Way, . . . "

Something that charmed me: I did some holiday shopping online today. It made me feel happy and holiday joyous, deserving of the title Solstice Fairy of Past, Present and Future.


  1. Oh, the last version is kinda sad. I like it. I can see why you like this song....because, after all, it's not your fault and you're not to blame. So lovely. I want to sing it and dance to it myself.
    WV = scarying - I can see the mouse scarying along the floorboards.

  2. Oh, Kass, I wonder what you just hit on. I wonder if that's the appeal for me. I need to think about that on my walk.

    Yes, Linda's and Ann's version is not perky. It makes me think of church music, but church music that I can understand and like.

    Better get some mouse traps!

  3. Have I already posted that I have The Left Banke's version in my head now and probably for the next couple of days. Did I mention that this song has been part of the elevator music background to my life. But this is the first time I have consciously listened to the lyrics. Thanks for sharing, Limes.
    Odesh!- my short term memory is going if I have to resort to a wv as an exclamation.

  4. But your visit and comment are SO appreciated here, dear friend. I've just watched it again while considering your thoughts. That adorable, dark haired kid nearly beat himself into oblivion, smacking at his thigh! I am glad/grateful (as always) that you rang in! <3

  5. I'll me singing that in my head for the rest of the day.

  6. It's been a solid month for me! "I'm Limes and I'm a Renee-aholic. It's been 2 minutes since my last listen to the Four Tops version . . . "

  7. My guess, on the third video, is that the women were indeed singing to Rene...I'll bet he has long, dark, wavy hair and an italian accent....


  8. I like how you think, OB! Welcome. I've missed you.