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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Sunday Morning, Kass

With apologies to the reader, I believe I've resolved my issues with Walk Away Renee (or perhaps Rene, as The Old Bag described him).

And now, for friend Kass ~ ~ you said this was your favorite.

Was this also high on your hit list?

A last offering:

In my ears right now: The same thing that's in your ears right now.

Something that charmed me:
Those 60s girls all swoony about Bobby Vee, swaying and clapping in time.


  1. Did you notice in the comments of the 1st video that someone is in love with the girl with dark hair and heavy eye-liner? Do you like this song? Bobby Vee? Well, at least you're off your Walk Away Renee kick.
    WV= ingisen - I ate too much popcorn at the movie last night and now I have ingisen.

  2. Good morning, Cookie. Yes, I liked all of Bobby Vee's songs that I heard. He's just a little early in my timeline. I had older cousins who liked him, Bobby Rydell, some of the other early 60s performers. I liked Neil Sedaka all on my own. So I'd enjoy these singers because the older cousins did and I wanted to be a cool girl, too. When I really was hit between the eyes, of course, (and life was never the same for me) was in February, 1964 when Ed Sullivan ushered them into my life. Beatles first, then Rolling Stones, the Animals, the Zombies, the Kinks. I liked most of the British invasion. I still do.

  3. Sorry, I posted the comment before I completed my thoughts. Someone might want to remind the person in love with the dark-haired girl that she wouldn't look like that today. ;~}

    And wonderful twist on the WV - you and Tag get high marks for that today.

  4. Good morning Limes. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Good morning, dear Tree ~ ~ it's going to be a wonderful day and evening. The wind screams until cyclist and walker alike hung back in trepidation, but now the deed must be done if any fun is to be allowed later. Rain throughout the night. The only thing I can say that's good, is "at least it's not too cold." Although the wind chill factor . . . . Here I go!

  6. I watched a movie with Claudette Colbert the other night and fell in love with her, though I'm sure she wouldn't look like she did in 1934, seeing as she's dead and all.

  7. Now, see, Kirk is a man who GETS it!

  8. Rarely does one look like they did in 1964, give or take. And if one happened to be dead, too, well, Kirk says it best. I still like being on this side of the divide.

  9. Boy, howdy, Badger. Old and tired trumps young AND dead both, in my opinion.

  10. ...now THAT would be a cool Dick Clark special. Get all the girls from a certain show tape of American Bandstand, put them in the same outfits, with Bobby Vee or Rydell singing to them and see who still looks good.