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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I live at a good address in the big city that has some less-than-pleasant neighborhoods. I pay more money than I like to for shelter in an area where I feel safe and have amenities I wish to enjoy. I have to take care of myself, as no one else can.

This morning, I took my trash outside. Parked within 25 steps of my front door was a bright red, 4 wheel drive, off-road, desert-raping pickup truck. The sort of pickup truck that is so large, I could not enter it without using a step-stool. My legs won't stretch that high. The sort that, when one looks in the rearview mirror and sees it following, makes one think, "I believe that monster could come just a little closer and devour my modest Nissan." The sort that has a chrome grill resembling monster's teeth.

On the rear windshield were the requisite decorations - the ones that make me get really loud and feisty. In a world full of offensive assaults, I suppose we should pick our battles and I've picked mine. I detest and abhor those chrome silhouettes of women, usually displayed in pairs, both with devil's tails, one with a halo, one with horns. These items make me go off. I've been known to get unpleasantly mouthy when faced with these things.

However, this morning's specimen went a little farther. I suppose the owner of this red vehicle could read, because there was a bumper sticker (with words) posted between those two chrome women. "I Heart Violence". I am certain I gasped audibly, that was so offensive to me. I am a person who can be pretty irreverent and laugh at inappropriate things. But that's not funny to me. Because I hate violence.

Now I admit to a broad streak of Pollyanna in my makeup. I'm idealistic and maybe a little naive. But that one put me over the top. I believe I'll lock the front door the next time I take the trash out in the darkness just before dawn.

This post will be brief as I am working in the shadows on a series of posts to run the next several days to a week. It is a special time. I have some things to say. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

In my ears right now: The sound of my blood circulating, because I'm still appalled by that slice of expensive nastiness right outside my door.

Something that charmed me (yes, it was before I saw the pickup truck): There is a 1991 movie I love for every reason that is ummmm . . . esoteric. I watch it once or twice a week. I know what notes of the soundtrack will play during any line of the script. Alas, this movie has not been put on DVD, so I keep a VCR in the home and handle the videocassette gingerly so as not to break the fragile tape. I believe the film was not put on DVD because only myself and 7 others on the planet care for it. (Although I learned in Blogger profiles that there actually are others like me out there and some of them are even men! I've never known a man who would like this movie.) The movie has been put on DVD! At eBay prices, I'm bidding on two of them. One for now and one for later.


  1. Maybe I'll lurk around to see which doorway belongs to him, and make that suggestion. Perhaps I'd introduce myself with a hearty, "Hi, I'm your neighbor and I Heart Violence, too! Let's start some fisticuffs or something."

    Do you suppose he has to have a truck so big because he doesn't feel big in any other way?

  2. What the hell movie are you talking about? I can't stand not knowing!


  3. A new thought- this fellow with the red wreakreational vehicle is just being honest. Most men do heart violence. Listen to the way they talk and how they love football and observe the number of personal weapons they buy and how they talk about their guns and belong to the NRA make war and fight wars!!!


  4. Oh, this embarrasses me, but I pride myself on being open, truthful and brave. It's "Enchanted April". There. Now everyone knows my shame.

  5. Ha! I love "wreckreational" vehicle. I will borrow that from you, please.

    While I don't object to all the things you mention about men, I do have to say you've just given a fine description of home dudes for a woman who's never met them.

  6. I'm a man, and I detest football. I was also a member of SDS and was an active antiwar organizer. I don't believe it's in anyone's best interest to make broad generalizations (I should talk!).

  7. I *knew* those things about you, Badger! You're a well-evolved member of the species, indeed. An example of what one *could* be.