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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging Slacker

Mother Badger e-mailed me a nudge, saying "exciting posts, but how did it end?" She refers to last year's race for the Badger at Skull Valley. And she's right! I need to put the period on the end of that sentence.

However . . . . . we just came back from the Skull Valley Redux, I've celebrated a birthday, and am a little slammed at work (that's a GOOD thing, as August has been pathetic).

Anyway, readers, here's my placemarker. I'll be back before 24 hours pass. I'll post the final writing about last year's race, and my thoughts about this year's trip to Skull Valley, AZ. Can't wait for the next one to come!

In my ears right now: Benson and Bloomsbury singing their little hearts out.

Something that charmed me: Landing that bottle of water solidly in his hand on my second attempt, while running uphill on a pretty steep grade. I'd let him down back at the turn-around. I zoomed up ahead of the pack. I knew to park someplace where he'd see me long before I handed it up. It just happened to be a stretch of highway that was challenging. But I did it! I came through.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Limes!! Many happy returns to a true b-day queen. :)


  2. And you, too! Just because I want to be queen doesn't mean you were not she on Friday!

  3. You didn't fail me at the feed zone. Water bottles are known to fall. I had one more full one, but you got a bottle to me later at a good spot. I ended up glad to have it. Without you I wouldn't have unless I lugged it with me in my jersey pocket. Thanks!

  4. Very generous, Badger! I know a bottle can skitter. Remember last year! But this time I felt like I failed you in this way: you taught me how to hand up. You have decades of experience. You'd know how to hand up. I met that adorable 22-year-old triathlete adorably handing up in her way and I got mesmerized and decided I was going to try that. Never mind that I hadn't even discussed it with you. When you threw your empty bottle off, it hit me, so I knew you were coming before I saw you. When I did see you, you were hollering, "Run, Limes, run!" You could already see I was standing still and I couldn't start running up that hill before you caught up to me. All about communication. We should try it her way and maybe we'd like it, but I need to remind myself to stick to plan. It's your show, not mine.