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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matt's Contributions

So, home dudes are kind of getting into this blogging thing, as long as I will read the posts and point out the fine points. But each of them has picked up on saying "L-i-i-i-imes . . " when they radio me. When I hear that, it's like a sweet, invisible grin. We're sharing a laugh, sharing fun, while not in one another's presence. When I read my post aloud the other day, Matt said, "Limes, that's just like listening to a story!" "It is a story, home dude! Telling one's experiences is sharing the story of life and how it affects oneself." "You do it good, Limes." "I thank you, sir."

Friday, I brought the Badger's car to work. Vicente was to detail it. Home dudes were to clean the carpet and upholstery and apply stainguard. The Badger has nearly driven the tires off of that Prius going to and from races.

Around the Badger, a certain aura has developed. Matt asked for a photo to be posted and dedicated to him. The Badger acquiesced. Home dudes listen to me tell of his many exploits and adventures. They think the Badger is the coolest old homey because of his cycling and other aspects of his life they've heard about. His magic car was admired and appreciated by all. Limes got to show off quite a bit during the day. "Damn, Limes, you can't hear a thing!" "Limes, how can it get 100 mpg even for a moment? Is that legal?"

In the top photo is Matt hand scrubbing the Badger's floor mat in 108 degrees of heat. It is his third time scrubbing it, because this floor mat is thrashed. The young man walked up the stairs several times to show me the progress made on this one floor mat. He radioed me repeatedly to jawbone about a particular spot on the upholstery or a speck on the carpet. "Matt, he knows he waited too long and he knows it can't be perfect. We know you're doing the best that can be done." He cleaned that car so well, that to continue would have caused permanent fiber damage. He cleaned all the plastic panels with tanner to get out the accumulated sunscreen and other debris. He cares about the quality of his work. He cares about doing a good job for Limes. He cares about doing a good job for old home dude.

Today we have a very full schedule (we're thankful!) and home dudes were about to set out for a very long day that will reach 110 degrees. They are all careful to carry enough water and sports drinks to keep on their feet. They work hard. Matt was grinning, holding something behind his back. "I have something gangsta for your blog, Limes." He showed me his half gallon of Minutemaid that will only be the first of several. I didn't immediately catch on. "Made with Real Limes, Limes!" Ha! And then he proceeded to tell me how I should Photoshop it and frame it and monkey with its resolution . . . yes, home dudes are kind of getting into this blogging thing.

In my ears right now: Still Emmylou Harris singing Crescent City. I guess the needle is stuck in the groove. And Matt wouldn't understand that reference.

Something that charmed me: I am surrounded by a very diverse group of people. We differ in age, gender, interests and many core values. But there is a common thread I love. "If it matters to her, then it matters to me . . if he cares about it, then I care about it." It's a beautiful thing!


  1. Getting that car back in the condition it's in now was a beautiful thing. I owe him (and you) big time. The poor thing has been abused with way too much driving. It needed attention a long time ago. Matt has my deepest respect for the work he did.

  2. Aw, Badger. I radioed Matt earlier to say he'd had some nice remarks posted. "Yeah?" "It's true Matt!" He came to my desk and I read both my post and your comment. He said, "Limes, I ain't going to lie to you, that's the nicest thing. That's what it's all about. I don't care if it's 2 words or 2 sentences, to have somebody say 'good job' matters."