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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Wild Horses for Kass

So,'tend friend Kass mentioned she'd had the frightful experience of hearing Susan Boyle sing "Wild Horses" on the Today Show. I have trouble wrapping my head around what that would sound like, and I also don't think "Wild Horses" should be messed with. By anyone. I shared the surprise I felt when a person of my generation tapped me on the shoulder while I danced in 2006 to ask me if I knew who sang "Wild Horses". I (barely) had the good grace not to laugh out loud, but just said, politely, "Um, the Rolling Stones."

So, here's a treat to women everywhere who think "Wild Horses" should just be left good and alone. And, Kass, may it drive Susan's version from your skull.

In my ears right now: "Childhood living is easy to do, the things that you wanted, I bought them for you . . .

Something that charmed me: You Tube's customizing options that allowed to me select a pink task bar to match my blog.


  1. Those were some better days for Mick. That video almost drove it away, but her version was much higher pitched. It wasn't totally horrible, just strange. I'm not a dead head, having missed the 60's & 70's because I was so totally into classical music, but I did love "Paint It Black."
    WV=aphooked "...aphooked up last time I was in Liverpool."

  2. I get you, Kass. Not that she did it badly, but it's just odd for HER to sing THAT. One wonders whose grand idea it was. I love that you love classical and opera, but I'm sorry if you truly missed the 60s music (I'm less crazy about the 70s, although some of it was good). I'll tutor you! I found so much good stuff on You Tube today, I'll be posting a lot of it. And then I do that damned lyrics thing . . . uh-oh. My followers and readers need to steel themselves.

    Oh, the last time I was in Liverpool . . . makes me wish I were there right now.