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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Calling on Kass

Dear New Blogger Friend I'd most like to emulate, meet and hang with ~

Requesting permission to feature a couple of your photos in a post I plan for Wednesday or Thursday. One (I think you "borrowed" one as well, from Glen) is on your Old Sugarhouse blog. It's the Columbus School where I went to first and second grades (Miss Ross and Mrs. Halliday). The other is on your blog The K is No Longer Silent and features a typical home in Sugarhouse - solid, old, sturdy, venerable. In exchange for the use of your artistic product, I'd happily give you photo credits, which seems to work incredibly well for me in other circles.

Please let me know.

Your true fan, LimesNow


  1. Yes, by all means, use the photos. Thank you so much for asking. Giving Glen credit would be nice. Which Sugarhouse home photo are you using, the 7 Dwarfs one? For some reason, the roof turned out blue and it is really green. I have other photos of homes. I'm going to post them on Old Sugarhouse along with some Liberty Park ones I just took. Have a look. Word verification fasent. Kind of a fun game you and Badger have going.

  2. Kass, you're a generous friend! I'll credit you and Glen. It WAS the 7 Dwarves house I had my eye on, but I'll confirm before I do anything. All photo credits with permission.

    My word, Liberty Park! I lived in SLC two separate and distinct times. The second time, Libery Park is where we initially landed. More to write about and beg permission for the photos. But first, Sugarhouse, circa Halloween,1958.

    I thank you SO,as I don't have pictures, nor do I sketch.