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The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Advice for 'tend Friend, Tag

Another of my Mary Engelbreit alter ego girls.

She says it well, doesn't she?

Go ahead and have your dullery day (thanks for "dullery", Tree!), but tomorrow morning, SNAP OUT OF IT.

Sent with a smile and no mean attitude intended.

~ ~ Limes


  1. I'll make you a deal. You quit throwing yourself to the sidewalk and I will snap out of it. Shari was a regular subscriber to Mary Englebreit's magazine for years. Scares me when I'm familiar with this stuff.

  2. Deal, Tag! No more blah days, no more sidewalk genuflection. I don't hold any truck with a man who can't get behind Mary's whimsical young ladies. Whether blond or dark, there are some of them who just ARE me. How did she know?

  3. Or as Bob Newhardt says to his patient, "Just Stop It!"

  4. Didn't even know there was a magazine. I have a M.E. 3D picture at my cabin of "Bloom Where You're Planted."
    Limes, you must have quite a collection of these pictures (or do you get the images online?).
    W.V. = galso (so gal, wha's up?)

  5. @ Badge ~ the VERY words you've said to me more than once, while brushing me off on sidewalk or trail: "You've got to STOP that!" "Wah ~ OK, Badge, I will."

    @ Kass ~ the ME merchandise world is huge - more wonderful stuff than you can imagine.

    So, gal, in the theme of redoing the undone, one of my passions is card making. I have many plastic, rolling file cabinets in which I have paper findings, ephemera, miniature this's and thats, brads, hole punchers, charms, ribbons. I have the rubber stamps and archival inks, parchment and other good paper. I confess to owning embossing powders and an embosser! I buy the ME calendars every year which gives me 365 images. I chop off the day/date and have an ME design to use in whatever way pleases me ~ years worth of them.

    I also must confess that my artsy passions have been dormant for too long as I had stopped living for awhile. But now I see myself putting out ME art and handling my "stuff". I wonder if I could be approaching a productive phase?

  6. Gosh, Limes I hope so. Its about time you started doing something with life bedsides marching incessantly, working 24 hours a day and camping every other weekend. Oh yeah there's that blogging thing you do so well.

  7. Tag, you're going to learn more fully about some things you've had a glimpse of, but not the full monty, yet. I closed down some time ago. Almost truly stopped living life. No, not a suicide attempt. Just stopped almost everything. I didn't take up any terrible new vices ~ no gambling or cockfighting rings. I just settled into a gray, miserable rut. You've met me in emergence. My emergence curve is steep right now. I'm coming out of the hole almost faster than I can process it. It is very heady. I have to work hard to keep my feet on the ground.

  8. Limes, you make me smile. Dullery is a nicely coined word. :-D

  9. It is a beautiful word, Tree! I understood it the first time I read it. And you notice I stole it (no nice word for that) immediately. My name is Limes and I'm a plagiarist.

  10. A Lime butterfly, very intriguing.

  11. Well, that's one of my beloved winged creatures that comes to mind. Thank you for that - that was lovely to read.

  12. You must have taken your "string" post into draft. I'm curious about how you crawled out of the gray, miserable rut. We're you 'badger'ed out of it? We all go through these highs and lows - some more dramatic than others. When I read all the comments, I imagine we are all sitting around a table at some really funky restaurant. I think my next post will be about the funky restaurant I went to Thursday.
    w.v.= kelmas (maybe 'quel masse' in French, it means, 'which crowd?)

  13. Kass, good morning ~ you're going to hear how I began to emerge, but it will take a lot of writing. You see, I was in a hole of varying depth for more than 50 years. While some of my emergence has been badger-supported, and that certainly has been a source of cheerleading for me, mostly I've just pulled myself up about a millimeter at a time. And I'll be telling the stories.

    I like your funky restaurant image! I once blogged a "party" - "Party at Limes'! Come on, everyone."

    I read that the neon boneyard intrigued you. My modest offering about that place is my October 15th post on this blog. Tag and Kirk were interested in it, so I put together that little offering.

  14. Catching up on my reading now that it's the week-end. - So sorry to hear of your fall, but you seem to have done it with humor and aplomb. Your posts are so delightful to read.

  15. I thank you, GJ, but don't tell me that ~ you'll just encourage me to continue!