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Friday, May 29, 2009

Where to Begin?

Photo credit: J. D. Morehouse

So I started blogging, not even certain what it was and it took me days to become as addicted to this quick-hit-several-times-a-day-diversion as I am to e-mail on my BlackBerry. First I followed my friend's blog and then some of the blogs that had intrigued him, and then, and then . . . By day three, I wanted one of my very own! For what earthly purpose? Probably the same reasons I always volunteer to write the club newsletter or to take minutes at the meeting or take copious notes when interviewing someone.

I souped up my profile which led me to other blogs and other people. How many thousands of men really call Sense & Sensibility their favorite movie? It's a big old cyber world out there and who knew? Some little "hey, there" acquaintances have been made. . help me! I'm blogging and I can't stop.

I read an article that said people are losing social skills and graces because we don't have to really interact with other actual humans in the same room any more. Oh. Like e-mailing, IMing, texting, blogging, posting, all from our ergonomically correct chairs in front of the computer aren't effective. The need to connect with other human beings is a huge one. I think we seek it out in all kinds of ways and it reminds me of a sweet little child who wanted to connect with others.

When my daughter was about three and we went off in the mommy van to preschool or some errand, I never turned on the ignition until I saw and heard that her seatbealt was latched. She always did a little pantomime thing to her right, her left, farther right, farther left. "What are you doing, Amber?" She was buckling up all of her 'tend (pretend) friends! The child packed those 'tend friends along with her every moment of life. Not so very different from this, 16 years later.

So ~ there's my first post.

And finally to share something beautiful. I was treated last weekend to a hike in the desert. We were sad because the ubiquitous joshua trees and yuccas we could see from the highway obviously did not bloom this disastrously dry spring. I was starved for the sight of a desert flower. One desert flower. Any desert flower. Once we arrived at our destination and got onto the hiking trail, we were treated to a fairly big bloom, but only on some of the cactus varieties. Not one claret cup (the most beautiful of all) to be seen - it's simply too dry and our desert is distressed. But the trio of little beauties above was a sight! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and a tip of the hat to the photographer.


  1. A great start! I enjoyed reading this. On a side note, even though the photo has reduced size and resolution from the original, it's remarkable how much detail there is in that photo, it just pops out!

  2. Almost as good as seeing the real thing! A great camera and a skilled photographer are beautiful things to have along in the desert, right next to backpack, hiking boots and sunscreen.

  3. Sweet, welcome to the blogosphere! I took some great cactus flower pics on my last trip to Phoenix and there really is something cool about such beauty standing out in a harsh environment.

  4. Hey LimesNow, a wonderful first post!

    Likewise, I've read articles about the social "issues" within our computerized world (especially when it comes to kids and technology, which may be a separate issue) ...to me, blogging and the like are similar to milling around at a party. We access snips of each others' lives, and know enough about one another to be able to spend some time conversing. I'm always amazed when I meet a blogger in the flesh...there's enough background to have some meaningful conversation. And isn't that where it all begins?

    On the other hand, I started blogging because I hadn't done any writing since college and this is a fun avenue. The social aspect has been a nice aside.

    For me, the jury is still out on Twitter and FB. I've reconnected with old classmates via FB, but the snips seem short and frenetic, almost. But I do get a kick out of some of it. Maybe the challenge from a writer's perspective is to learn how to concentrate a meaningful message into clips and bites.

    We've had a dry spring as well...my grass out front is already brown. One day, I hope to have it landscaped away with some native prairie plants!

  5. Wheel, welcome to the bus. I'm glad you popped on. Visit often! I have desert photos that will make you weep. His blog is about his cycling passion, but the Badger is remarkable with a camera, too. He's been kind enough to let me use some of his shots.

  6. Welcome aboard, OB! You validated me. I was telling my boss (you'll read MUCH about him and he's one of my followers) yesterday that I feel blogging is for people who love to write. None of our young techie staffers does it. They're neither readers nor writers. I agree with you about those other forums, and I think younger people who have grown up surrounded by all the technology don't know how to do a lot of things, like getting to know someone more deeply than 140 characters allows. Oh, and I secretly detest "LOL". Can't stand it. If you laugh at me that way, I'd rather not get the laugh. I'll try to get a laugh some other time rather than get the LOL.