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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Angry Girl Music

Claret cups - the most beautiful cactus flower of them all. This is from another year when there actually was rain. Maybe 2005, the spring of the deluge. This shot was not taken by a real photographer, so no photo credit. I'm not a photographer, but I can point a camera at something pretty and at least give the general idea . . .

So, my oldest friend, Mr. Insomnia, returned last night and pulled me out of bed long before the BlackBerry would have. Since I was up anyway, I decided to throw on the clothes and walk a little more fiercely than on other days. Folks, I was greased lightning! The temperature was perfect at 3:00 a.m. - mid-70s. The Wind Circus had folded its tents and left town (although it's now back for a return engagement), so I could actually breathe through my nose without suffering from allergies. By the time I'd clocked a couple of miles, I had a good sweat going and my heart was pounding. When I glanced at my watch, I could tell that I was peeling time off of my usual pace, so I pressed a little harder. Let's see what the old girl can do! Well, it is true that the 9 miles of scorch marks on the sidewalks of Summerlin South were caused by me in the predawn today. I hope there's not a fine to be paid for damaging public walkways!

So what was different? I'm tired all the time and no ball of fire on some days. Once in awhile I plod through miles, never hitting my stride. But today . . . . I'm convinced it had to do with my music playlist. This morning it was Angry Girl Music. Enough Alanis Morissette, Aretha and Lucinda Williams in mad-as-hell form and anyone would burn up the pavement! Now I need to pay closer attention to see if the days I'm plodding like a cow are reflective of what's playing in my ears. If I'm snailing along at 3 mph, does it relate to poorly selected soft rock? Maybe a little Air Supply?

In my ears right now: REM as I work at my desk.

Something that charmed me today: I bought 2 small cactus and colorful pots to brighten up a plain white windowsill in the office. These came from my favorite 99-Cent emporium, so not much was expected of them. Today, one of the cactus has a flower starting to bud! It's only been in the bright windowsill for a couple of weeks, but it's giving a gift already.


  1. Is the girl really angry? Is it the kind that burns from the inside out, or the outside in? Or is it both?

  2. Oh, those are the angriest girls imaginable. He's done her wrong and she's pissed off. In answer to your questions, I'd say both. These chiquitas breathe fire, they're so angry. Spontaneous combustion-inducing.