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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

Okey dokey, then ~ we put up the birthday post and went out to do some shopping and spend some girl time. We fairly exhausted the thrift store and a used book store, checked to see whether Mike had seen his birthday party online . . . no sign of him. That's OK. We're resourceful women. Let's call him! We did so. He said he wouldn't be able to connect to the internet until the next morning. Arrrggghh! But this was his birthday. Well, nothing else for it: we each wished him a happy birthday and told him to go blogging as soon as he was able. And then we proceeded to blow out his candles and eat the chocolate muffins Rraine had brought, so thoughtfully. They were good - mine served as lunch and dinner. Sorry you missed them, Mike.

And then we thought, seeing we were three blogger women gathered, seeing Rraine is expert with a camera, seeing I have become addicted to Picasa photo collage, seeing Jenn is young and adorable, seeing Rraine and I are . . . um . . . adorable, we'd go outside and take some pictures. Yeah!

One kvetched about her glasses. The other two did not. One had us try a couple of different spots to get the best location and light. One whined that she never photographs well, so please be sure to snap two of everything. The names shall be withheld to preserve our dignity. Rraine recalled being shown how to execute a becoming pose by thrusting a foot forward, hand on hip. We all tried it and thought we were pretty cute. Jenn knew a showgirl pose, arms extended. Rraine said she wanted a big headdress. I said I wasn't doing any showgirl stuff, though I'd try the foot-forward, hand-on-hip thing. We thought we were something!

And so ended an afternoon enjoyed in female company. There were friends to be met for dinner, AA meetings to attend. We'd shared some irreverent laughs and some serious talk, giggled about vanity when the camera came out, and pledged to get together again soon. Two of us had cackled at terrible shoes for sale and wondered why selected items were considered "designer". We all talked about ideas for future blog posts and congratulated one another for being brilliant. I needed this sunny, happy afternoon. I've been under some duress. And I was reminded of at least one of the things I can engage in to keep my spirits up and my fever down. Thanks, Good Women and Mike, for making my day! Damn you, Rraine,  for wearing Rocket Dogs when I didn't even think of it. But I'll be back on my game soon enough. I can feel it!

In my ears right now:  An old favorite. Just because I feel like it today.


  1. I have to admit an audible gasp issued forth when I read your title . Wondering if you got bad news on test results from the doctor...Thankfully you probably wouldn't word it quite like that just so we wouldn't all be gasping. So relieved it was a lighthearted post!
    much love, Kim

  2. @ NuminosityBeads ~ Oh, Kim, I am so sorry if I gave you even a moment of grief. It was just a follow-up to the prior birthday part post. And, no, I wouldn't deliver bad news in just that way. Actually, there is no news from any doctor or lab right now. Thank you so much for popping in! The enjoyable day with women friends did a lot for me.

  3. I am very happy you enjoyed my birthday. I always like to share, especially with 3 great ladies. I and my two pals Shari and Cameryn went to Bubba's Roadhouse and BBQ Deli where much beer was consumed by the other folks already present. We managed to get out safely. Thank you all so much for brightening my weekend.

  4. Fun afternoon!
    Girlfriends are the BEST.

  5. @ Mike ~ Thank you again! If I had an establishment named Bubba's-anything nearby, I'd pop in to check it out, even if I'd already eaten a meal. It's been my experience that it's not difficult to find others consuming beer and other beverages that are not good for me. Sometimes right out in the AA parking lot - those who still struggle. It's something we have to live with because we can't control anyone other than ourselves, and then, only with help. Happy birthday again, my friend.

  6. @ CramCake ~ Yes, but another pleasure I'd let drift by the wayside during my period of illness, crash and burn. That won't happen again. I need this kind of blood transfusion - make that life transfusion - too.