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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Desperately Seeking Spring - Dedicated to Blogging Friends in the East and Other Environs

The fabulous Erin O'Brien, stupendous blogger from Cleveland, Ohio, was bemoaning the lingering winter in her part of the world, so I said I'd go in search of spring where I live. Oh, here in Las Vegas, Nevada, we gritch (um, that's a cross between a gripe and a bitch) about the constant, maddening wind, then the heat, but right now it is sweet. The birdies tweet softly at 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and carry on raucously in between. The cats stretch languorously beside the pool in gentle sunlight that will soon enough be hell's blaze. Is that enough substantiation? Is it really spring? On my short drive to the office today, I decided to check my assumptions.

Hmm . . irises. Bulb plants are among the first flowers to show themselves in spring. No, the slightly bent ones were not trying to run from the picture. They are being blasted by the wind, as was I! Nevertheless, hope springs eternal . . .

Cactus flowers just at the ready ~ that's got to be an omen, right?

Best yard on my block - we appreciate the xeriscape efforts made, low water usage and native plants. The riot of color makes me grin when I pass this place each day. Surely, surely . .

Incontrovertible evidence! It's warm. It's spring. You'll get yours, too!

Since it's still objectionable in parts north and east of my world, would someone mind booking the Wind Festival for an exclusive engagement in your world? It can't make things seem that much worse! That is all.


  1. You know, here in the Bay State, it got warm just yesterday. Today was in the 70s, and it's been muggy and uncomfortable for me. I'd gladly trade this humidity for some snow.

  2. Oh those cactus flowers! **BLISS**

  3. Huge clouds of frosted breath hung in front of me for my entire run this morning. It is not yet Spring here, in Colorado.

  4. @ Matt ~ Believe it or not, we have humidity in the Mojave Desert under circumstances! During the monsoon season in July, one can go outside at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and just start to drip immediately after stepping into the air. If you're in the 70s already, you're on the way (says she who bestows springtime)! So far we've only had a few days in the low 90s. Otherwise this is the spell I love the best - consistently 80s, sunshine gentle, not cruel. If only the wind would let up!

  5. @ Erin ~ I've got my eye on those cactus buds, my friend. When they open up, I'll be there sticking my face and camera right in, no matter if the old lady and her yapping 8-inch dog on a string walk past and think I'm odd.

  6. @ CramCake ~ Blecchhh to clouds of frosted anything! We're long past frost and I am grateful. My friend and I went to Starbucks yesterday and I got a cold one for the road. Sounds like you still need the hot brew.

  7. Awww, how sweet, you got a tattoo on your foot. Or is it somebody else's feet? And what is it of? I can't quite make it out.

    It's been summerlike, if a bit windy and rainy, for the past two days in Ohio. Tommorrow, we return to the more seasonal November weather.

    Wait a second. Tomorrow is still April, isn't it?

  8. @ Kirk ~ Yes, my feet, my tattoo. And you're right. She's cut off a little at both top and bottom by the sandal straps. She is a mermaid holding a gigantic pearl. Her face and hair were drawn to resemble Amber's at the time (man, nearly 10 years ago now). You'll see it better if I ever get to put up my long-forgotten tattoo post.

    I get it about your November weather! Erin's post is what inspired me to go out and dig up some color and brightness. If we're already having spring, you can't be far behind. I hope. Can I interest you in some clean energy produced by the natural wind?

  9. Maybe you should put up a personal wind farm in your yard! Yeah, I bet the neighbors would like that. A lot!

  10. @ Jenny ~ Oh, and in Las Vegas, people get so tightly wound, a subject I'm about to take on in writing. However, given the volume of wind we get, it seems we should be able to do SOMETHING useful with it! I wouldn't be opposed to becoming NV Energy's competitor.