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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Jaw Dropped (and I Nearly Caught a Fly)

So I'm sitting at my desk minding my own business when Mailman Steve does an about-face because he's forgotten to give me a cardboard mailer that's addressed to me personally. That's not odd in and of itself. I have lots of mail and deliveries sent to the office. I'm there more often than I'm home during delivery times. I glanced at the address and return address, and those were bloggers' names! What the heezy? Yes, there was my real name and my work address, but there was that funny "aka LimesNow" showing, too. Up in the left hand corner was "Doozyanner" and - oh, yes - I recognize her name, of course. But what was this arriving at my doorstep?

When I first began to follow blogs, I was introduced to it by a cyclist. He followed lots of cyclists' blogs, so I went looking at those blogs, too. While some of the good people posted about cycling and not much else, others showed more of themselves, and no human being is only one thing. Some people are warm and welcoming and one bonds quickly. Doozyanner is such a person. I let her know early that I was not a cyclist and do not aspire to be one. Oh, I can speak their language and understand what they're telling me, but it was the other things about her that drew me. She's an ESL teacher who takes trips to Mexico to teach in primitive villages rather than spend Thanksgiving with her adult children (who supported her desire to go 100% - this one time). Although she raised her son and daughter mostly single, and times weren't always easy, they are educated, accomplished and beautiful young adults. She alluded to a family problem once, in carefully selected words and I came to believe we have endured some of the same trauma and dysfunction. I like that when things are dismal in education and she is expected to do more and more with less and less, she says, "This is dismal." I like straightforwardness. Things don't need to be candy-coated for me. Her elderly parents intrigue me as the makers of fine dollhouse miniatures, something that I loved to dabble in for many years. Although I am an only child (not literally, but practically) and she has many siblings, her father was in the Navy and she understands how my family's constant moving affected me. We're pretty simpatico, Doozyanner and Limes.

And have I said that she sews? Oh, she doesn't sew the way I sew which is to dream a lot about when I did sew, buy materials and accessories and patterns and cutters and never, ever complete a thing. Although it troubles me greatly, that is how I sew now. I have often expressed to her the sadness and frustration I feel about being creatively closed down. She has been kind to me and pointed out that I'm creative in other ways. But Doozyanner actually sews. She makes the most wonderful seasonal aprons for daughter, Katie, who works at a pub while attending school. She makes such things as pink bunny PJs for grand-niece, the adorable Miss Jadyn. And countless other wonderful projects as her machine whirs and old Netflix movies play. I got my scissors out to cut open the well-taped mailing container, peeked in first, and then put in my hand to pull out something wonderful:

I wasn't sure if I had a tiny purse or perhaps a toiletries kit, but I could see women with butts like women really have, and certainly cellulite thighs, boobs like some of them want to have (not me, thanks!), appearing to be of a particular age group, not looking grand in a bathing suit, and being OK with every bit of that. It was great girlfriending imagery! I reached in to feel a note in the package. She wrote:

Dear Limes, While in Portland last weekend, I just had to go to the fabric warehouse. I had hoped to find a piece of fabric with limes on it - but this print caught my eye and made me laugh out loud. I knew you and my sister Arlene would also giggle over it. This is a square tissue box cover [aha, not a purse or toiletries kit!] - one of the silly things I crank out on my machine while watching old movies on Netflix. I hope you like it! Your 'tend friend - Doozyanner

Doozy's work is very fine. That surprised me not at all. Her seams match and they're flat, straight and pressed open. The tissue box cover is ironed to perfection, creased in a way that shows me how/where to position my tissue box in it. The openings for the red ribbon are reinforced, so I won't tear my gift from pulling too hard at the ribbon when I change boxes of tissue. Although I've never met her, and although I could have never imagined receiving a gift from her, if I could have imagined that, I'd have envisioned her handiwork presenting as beautifully as it does. I wonder what she watched as she sewed this for me? I hope it was a tear-jerker, because this thoughtful surprise surely brought a happy wash of tears to my blue eyes!

Thank you, Doozyanner, and you'll be hearing from me through the mail, as well. I may not be sewing, but I've got an idea brewing. Has anyone ever heard me say how much I love this blogging thing and connecting with others?

In my ears right now: Friend Kass is offended when someone posts a YouTube that goes really long, but this is more like "double the pleasure, double the fun". I loved it in 1978 when I was a young married and I love it now. "People stay, just a little bit longer . . . . " That's the kind of mood I'm in today!

Something that charmed me: Doozyanner and her kindness charmed me. Every bit of the transaction. She went looking for limes but selected something else she knew I'd like. She sewed, thinking to make me a gift. She didn't ask my address. She went and found it. Have I been heard to say how much I like . . . sorry. Never mind.


  1. This really set the parakeets off! Love Jackson Brown.

  2. I knew that about you and Jackson Browne, Badge. My little birdies are rattling their cage to it, too!

  3. I love Jackson Browne, too!

    What a cool thing for Doozyanner to do for you!

    Remind me never to send any of my sewing your way! Lol - I get so giddy when the pedal sets the needle yinyinyining I forget to stop and my last machine died in plume of smoke!

  4. @ Rachel ~ I used to be that way about sewing, too, Rachel. Which is why I am so sad that I can't make myself do it any more. I shut down in many ways some time back, and I've not returned completely to the person I used to be. We'll see what I become. ;~}

    It was a wonderful gesture of friendship from Dooz.

  5. Limes, I've been grinning all week, wondering when the package would arrive. (I asked my mom how long she thought a package would take from her town to yours..."Why, do you have a lover there?" Ha!) I'm so glad you like my little gift! I was watching the old BBC Jane Eyre miniseries while sewing last week. Teary enough for you? :-) My road trip is going well and just what I needed--this is the first time at a computer since I turned mine off last Sunday.

  6. Oh, Dooz! I thank you SO much! PLEASE tell Mama what a good job she did with you. I hope my little return giftie will tell you even HALF what I needed right now! Tears/smiles sameface/same time . . what a gift! Love you,Doozyaner.

  7. What a great gift from a good friend, too!

  8. I love what Doozyanner made for you. It's riprollickingly 'you.'

    I'm not offended by long videos. Remember. It takes 12 years to offend me (the length of each of my attachments). It's hard on my obsessive need to be polite and receive everything that's given by my wonderful blogging friends. I'm listening to this one as I type so it's working out well for me. ... Videos are also hard for me on this blasted computer lately. It's old and it jerks and hiccoughs through a lot of videos.

    Would you mind telling me when your Birthday is. I fear it has already passed.

  9. What a great world ...this blogging world and what wonderful people we 'meet'......x

  10. This was my favorite Jackson Browne. He really caught the feeling of the strike at the end of a show, the roadies and stagehands putting the show together working our butts off to get em in and get em out. Don't stay. We have families too go home too and were gonna do it again tomorrow with someone else a 6am call.
    Shari has 4 tubs of fabric she swears will be quilts one day. I've been waiting for mine for 18 years. But she has done some nice ones.

  11. this is where i love to see cyber connections go-into real time, real people. how marvelous, to be touched from afar, close up.

  12. @ the Badger ~ yes, she is a good friend, and not 'tend, either.

  13. @ Kass ~ Interesting, Cookie. I find it much, much easier to give than to receive. I wonder why I think I'm not worthy of receiving sweetnesses.

    Oh! The birthday. No, it approaches. 24th day of August, making me the Virgo poster child that I am. You didn't hear it here!

  14. @ Lorna ~ Oh, yes! I've viewed some of the wonderful things you and your blogging friends hae made and exchanged. It chokes me up!

  15. @ Tag ~ Agreed about this Jackson Brown, and you know MY heart is with the stagehands and the roadies.

  16. @ somh ~ I agree and I have been fortunate to have more than one cyber-friend reach out and tap my shoulder.

  17. Ha! My son is a Virgo - now I understand you!

    Just so.

    I hope you are well, friend (- been out of the loop - chaos reigning this end -) sending you virtual support for you through whatever silences you lately. I know you must have good reasons and I urge you to take as much time out as you need and want.
    An interested blogger.

  18. I think it's about time you did another post!