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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calling All Bloggers of Good Spirit

All right, it's been done here before. With great fun and good will and camaraderie. The Badger was on the long drive to the first big race of the season. The e-mails flew back and forth as he progressed toward his destination and an idea struck me. This man deserved a party! He would feel boosted to know that many others were rooting for him, cheering him on and interested in the outcome of his mighty battle. I put up a short post asking interested bloggers to help me cheer. I proposed that we compose a poem or a rah, or whatever it turned out to be. It felt just a little risky to me, for what if no one played and the notion fell flat on its face? But to my complete enjoyment, and to The Badger's, the bloggers rang in enthusiastically. The result was a most wonderful poetic tribute that truly touched him.

It's a bit of a different occasion, but I propose fun and glee of a similar nature. Sunday, April 25th, is the birthday of a most wonderful woman. When we first found one another in the blogosphere, I sent her an official fan letter and she confessed to having a girl crush on me. I have learned much about grace and strength and beauty, about honor and intelligence and art and soul from this woman I've never met in person, but know at a very deep level. I've observed her treatment of other bloggers. I'm not getting any special treatment. She treats everyone well. And so, readers, it is the birthday of the lovely Kass. Whether you know her from this blog or this one you know how special she is. I'd like you to join me in giving her a birthday tribute. Who's in?

I'm going to embellish on the way I went about honoring The Badger. This time, I propose a poem tribute and I propose we put together a virtual birthday party. For the poem, let's do the same as last time. I will start with a few lines. Anyone willing to contribute, please put your words in my Comments section and I will develop the poem. We'll need a title, and - yes - I'll credit everyone who participates. **LATEBREAKING ~ Sometimes I am not the sharpest tool in the shed at the end of a long day. Bloggers, please drop both poetry offerings and party contributions into my e-mail which you'll find on my Blogger profile. That way, the wascally woman will not be able to see the poem as it develops. For anyone who puts their offerings in Comments, I'll acknowledge I received your contribution, but I'll hold back on publishing anything our Kass should not see before her birthday. And a note to myself: don't try to be brilliant after 3:00 p.m. when you've been rocking for 12 hours and have many more to go.**

This time, however, let's take it up a notch. We're putting on a birthday party! We'll need decorations, food and beverages, music and gifts. Please send me a short list of what you would like to virtually contribute and I will put that party together for presentation on Kassie's birthday on this blog. Be quirky and creative. She is! [Please send your party list to the e-mail address in my Blogger profile.]

Please, bloggers, if you know others who enjoy Kass but may not frequent my blog, shout me out to them or put a link on your own blog. Spreading the word is a good thing! And, Kass, it wouldn't be unbecoming of you to put the word on your blog, either. ;~}

And, finally, a disclaimer: if I am avalanched with material, we may have to make this a belated birthday party. I remember the html nightmare the Badger's poem became after many, many contributions, but I will land that post as close as possible to April 25th.


Poem starter:

The lovely Kass, so fair of face,
Exudes a state of natural grace.
But while she shares with us a grand felicity,
There's also that spark of raw electricity.

Come on, bloggers! Party for Kass over at Limes' place.

In my ears right now:

Something that charmed me: The notion of celebrating a special friend in an unusual way, and inviting others to join me.

Some photo credits: Kass, herself.


  1. I'm in. Time go into deep thought mode....42

  2. @ Tag ~ I KNEW you'd be in, Sir. And I'm sorry to put poetry pressure on you when I just read that you're all out of words. But please don't FEEL pressured. Remember, on the Badger's poem, you contributed the prologue and it was outstanding. Or maybe you could shortcut and do the title. Or just e-mail me with a short list of party food or decorations. Thinking of you. I didn't like reading that you're feeling a little empty, a little disconnected.

  3. I'll give it a go, I might just cut some lines out of a college chapbook you know! I'd better get on it though. I'm in the middle of a bipolar move- AZ to AK this week! Too bad Candace won't make it but I can virtually send one of her friends virtually.


  4. @ Kim ~ I'm so pleased to have you pop on the bus today in honor of Kass. Cutting out words is an area where you shine, I know! Any contribution will be valued. I'm glad you said "Candace". I think I'll try to do something to put her essence in the party mix.

    I can't imagine the AZ to AK gig. I have moved around TOO much in life and if someone said "move" to me right now, I'd jump off the deck.

  5. i'm so in. gotta think, gotta think...

  6. Brilliant idea... I have sent my humble contribution.


  7. @ SOMH ~ No stress. No pressure. As with Tag, just go easily. Balloons and party hats count, too! Please use the e-mail address when you send your contribution. But we'll make her crazy seeing this little tidbit.

  8. @ Gabi ~ That contribution wasn't so humble! Got it on e-mail and it will be featured in the poem gift. Thank you, Gabi. You DO emit love n light.

  9. @ Kim @ *Numinosity* ~ Got you on e-mail. What a fabulous contribution! Thanks so very much.

  10. @ All the readers ~ Elisabeth was one of the first to comment on my post and she did exactly what I asked. She put her poetry and her party contribution right in the Comments. It was only on my commute home that it occurred to me to ask everyone to put their poems AND party contributions in my e-mail account. So here are Elisabeth’s comments that CAN be shared before the birthday party. I’ve tucked away her haiku and the wonderful dish and other things she plans to bring to the party. They’ll be shared Sunday! But Elisabeth’s other comments bear publication. They ALWAYS do, in my opinion.

    “Kass appeared in my life with a comment on my blog a short while ago (last December) and yet I have this feeling that I’ve known her for a long time. This may be because I have piggy-backed on your relationship with her, Les, and also on Jim Murdoch’s. It’s funny how friendships that are built on other friendships can have such a solid feel.

    I accept your invitation with great pleasure, Les.”

    She went on to tell me the things she would bring to the party and she was self-deprecating about her very good haiku . . . have I said today how much I appreciate other good human beings? Thank you, Elisabeth, who has a birthday approaching very soon. Viva la class of 1952!