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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hooked! And So Quickly! It Only Took One Time.

So I was checking out the fabulous Erin O'Brien this morning. She was going on about a website where one submits chunks of text and a work of art is created. "I cannot get enough of that silly gadget. To have your work instantaneously analyzed and transformed into a piece of literary artwork is like masturbation for writers." What? What the hell? Hey! I'm a woman who loves words and games and, by hey, if Erin does it, I want to try it out.

So I checked out this Wordle. I'm a woman who wants to be in the know about these things. Below is my first Wordle production. It's source material was yesterday's post. Pretty funny. Had I invented Wordle, that is precisely what I would think yesterday's post should look like! One will want to click on the image to get the full flavor of it.
Latebreaking, Thursday afternoon: Yonder comes an e-mail from Mother Badger who clearly peeked at my blog this morning. She's using Wordle for her (unpublished) blog where she's telling her family history. Erin O'Brien and Mother Badger, the two coolest chiquitas I know!

Later the Badger said, "Hey, they were just talking about Wordle in my computer specialists meeting yesterday." I Wordled the round robin poem to which so many of us contributed on the Badger's racing weekend. He liked it!

In my ears right now: The Byrds singing about JFK ~ a most beautiful song I've loved for decades. I love the Roger McGuinn/David Crosby harmonies.

Something that charmed me: Reader, what do you think? Wordle charmed me!


  1. i went, i saw, i played-very cool! beats the heck out of cutting words out of magazines and gluing them on construction paper.

  2. @ SOMH ~ This is RIGHT up my alley! Something that turns words into fairly credible art is intriguing to me. I've mastered most of the editing tricks of it. I'm planning some fun!

  3. Love The Wordle, The Byrds, and that me and Mother Badger have something in common!

    ps: Just thinking about SOMH's construction paper wordle makes me want to eat paste.

  4. @ Erin ~ Funny you'd make the paste-eating statement. I posted my comment to SOMH's comment before I'd really completed my thoughts. I meant to say (and will say it now) Wordle basically IS today's version of the cutting, the gluing, dipping the finger into the glue to get a snack. A fun thing you put me onto. Mother Badger has recommended a website with a similar function (but not words) and I plan to write a post about it.